JAMIE FABROA Just four days before her 25th birthday Jamie would lose her dad to suicide. From that moment, Jamie’s life would never be the same. The pain became unbearable, unliveable when after a few attempts to take her own life, she courageously found solace, serenity, strength and forgiveness in her own healing through supporting others. Possessing training and certification in SAFEtalk and ASIST, Jamie is a relentless stand on disappearing stigma surrounding the “S,” word and shares her compelling story with CFMHT’s #hearME! 4 Suicide Prevention Tour!

CATHERINE MORNINGSTAR grew up in Northern Ontario and is of French and Ojibway descent. One summer night she humbly and sincerely laid her life at Creators feet in surrender…”please take my life I cannot bare it” She was 10.

Born into alcoholism, domestic violence, depression, racism, poverty, sexual abuse, ongoing suicides of relatives  and the inter-generational trauma from the legacy of residential schools, Catherine was gifted with the strength of a Phoenix, “the courage of a warrior,” “the vision of an eagle” and “the wolf clan mother for all her relatives.”

Her heart would hurt, her pain unbearable, her insides were screaming. She  was the one who spoke to the unspoken.

Today Catherine is a Life Coach, CPR, Advocator, Community Support Worker and Entrepreneur in Financial Services. Featured in a documentary, ”Second Chance; Making it Work" Catherine shares her compelling and courageous story as a woman who overcomes many life challenges. She incorporates western therapies with traditional first nation ceremonies and healing practice.

KYRA 12 years old is a Hero among her peers sharing a courageous story of surviving abuse and bullying today she empowers many around her inviting them to speak up and know they are never alone. Krya’s favourite music artist is Ariana Granda & Selena Gomez and Kyra loves to dance, write music and sing!


After loosing his father to cancer when he was a young boy, Jonathan would soon thereafter become a victim of childhood sexual abuse. It was during these years of his life that he discovered drugs and alcohol. In the years to follow, he eventually wound up in a very dark place. Today, Jonathan shares his story of triumph over tragedy. He opens up about healing from sexual abuse, recovery from addiction and his stand for raising awareness to those who struggle with secret suffering.