Mastering Power & Taking Action over Circumstance

Mastering Power & Taking Action over Circumstance is a 15 week Women’s Program, closed to 5 courageous women (intake required), each whom have experienced a recovery from trauma, and for each who uniquely show an unreasonable commitment to breaking through and mastering a sustainable and positive change for living a life beyond victim to circumstance¬†¬†♥

Cost: $599.99
Tx not included
No tax for cash payments
Credit card, cash and e-transfer accepted
Payment Schedules available
$100 Deposit
RSVP by January 15, 2019
DM here on CFMHT page or email Facilitator

Indigo Personal Journal included
Program Workbook
Weekly group “Accountable buddy call in between each circle week
Professional Facilitator, Charmaine Loverin Dip CSW CPI ASIST CPR Adult Crisis, Intervention & Addiction
Safe space
Snacks & Beverages
Circle sharing

5 Women
Circle closed after 2 weeks
3 participants minimum for program to start

Program Intention: Powerful living, love, compassion and sustainable leadership

Week 1 – Circle, Program and 2019 Goals Introduction & Sharing
Week 2 – Setting dates to goals, discovering self disempowering conversations – “What’s our ongoing story?”
Week 3 – Realizing & scheduling in “Self care, Me time or Down Time” and “Discovering what might be our reasons that have our goals not happen or happen on time?”
Week 4 – Creating my list of actions to achieve my goals on time
Week 5 -“Trauma informed”, what have we heard about ourselves from the trauma, family or friends that may be in the way? Noticing Power to our choices
Week 6 – Video – Forgiving and letting shame and guilt go sustainably, mastering the creeping up feelings for life forward
Week 7 – Love – Art – Play, painting in my new colors called, “self love” and loving myself a whole new found way
Week 8 – What’s working? Not working? 1/2 way reflection… noticing where power is and where loss of power is mind, body and spirit
Week 9 – Unfolding “intention” letting go “proving and righteousness” …. noticing the core of humanity – what really matters?
Week 10 – Love Letter to Self, Guest Irma Paredes, Creator
Week 11 – Circle share words, “sustainable,” “transformation” and “commitment” discover where we felt we were given up on? And discover where we gave up on ourselves? Choosing “it’s not going any other way!”
Week 12 – Forgiveness – Circle Share, Video
Week 13 – Energy Healing Guest Visitor
Week 14 – Outing & Releasing All Anger, Boxing excursion & circle reflection tea time (Dundas West)
Week 15 – Potluck, celebration