Living into 2019, Creating My Dream & What Matters

I am a Global award recipient for developing one of the most innovative education programs in mental health, a nominee of 100 Top Most Powerful Women in Canada & I am Founder of Centre for Mental Health Transformation My name is Charmaine Loverin Dip CSW CPI ASIST CPR and I am personally inviting 5 women to join me as I facilitate a 4 week journey into 2019 by creating a roundtable of unique discussion and accountability vision planning/journaling for a powerful year ahead of unique dreams / goals fulfilled! How exciting does that sound!

But, to succeed in life any entrepreneur knows we don’t succeed without “team”

Living into our future requires our authentic believing, our deep willingness and wanting for a sense of clarity, serenity and a new found commitment for self, self-worth, self-care and a new found self love.. mmmm

What participants (including me) can expect is;
1. How do we master and quickly catch when stress shows up #ease
2. Living sustainably present, with peace of mind in the acceptance of abundance no matter what #abundance
3. It’s not just about me…Discovering a kind of commitment where letting go, abandoning or never quitting is an option #love #trust

Living into 2019, Creating My Dream and What Matters is a 4 week Women’s group (Inclusive; Culture & Diversity, #lgbqt2s )
5 Women Max

#christmasgifttoself #qualitytime #qualityplanning #qualitymoments #selfcare #selflove #selfworth

$249.99/ participant (Payment Schedule Option Available)

4 Week Program Agenda
Safe Space
A beautiful and artistic personalized take home 2019 Agenda
Scrapbooking & Vision Planning
Accountability Buddies
Group Circle Sharing
Group Weekly 1 hour Check in Call
Laughter, Tears, Inspiration, Empowerment

REGISTER BEFORE November 9, 2018 by 6pm