Group Circle Programs

Centre for Mental Health Transformation (CFMHT) offers leading edge, innovative and award winning group circle programs that provide breakthrough sustainable and positive change for it’s participants. Unlike many mental health programs, CFMHT group circle programs combine, shared discussion, partnering, outdoor excursions, guest speakers and art. CFMHT and it’s facilitators are committed to fulfill on the intention of each their group circle programs including each participant’s unique goals and, missing a week can sometimes happen, emergencies can arise.

What happens when a week is missed, CFMHT is the only mental health provider that offers “Recreation Calls.” How this works, is the program facilitator will work with the participant to schedule a “30 min recreation call” in order to re-create the participant’s missed week. Held in a safe, warm, confidential and private environment, participants feel at ease, connected and empowered each week.

Each CFMHT Group Circle program offers these list of profound and valuable benefits are:

  • The ability to share and self express in a group without fear, shame or guilt
  • The willingness and know-how to achieve goals that have lived as “un-reachable”
  • To live powerfully and sustainably away from unhealthy habits or addictive behaviors in relationships and choices
  • Master mindfulness and empowerment

CFMHT Group Circle Programs are affordable and schedule – payment options are offered to help those financially challenged.

To inquire or to register for the next program you can email


“Love love love your sharing, teaching, experiencial learning videos and homework…. everything!”

“This group has changed my life! I am living with more clarity in my choices, less fearful of people and opinions and I got my power back! Thank you”