Project Live & Love (PLL) first known as *Empowering Voice Awareness Program (EVA)” pilot launched 2013 with experts from Mental Health, Psychologists, Professors, Police Officers, Educators, Parents and Students participating have left the curricula experience 100% agreed the EVA program is something young people are ready to hear and eager to participate in, including adults agreeing that the program would be a proud and welcoming initiative to tackle mental health, and abuse prevention for caring and safe schools.

 After 3 years while the EVA Program sits in political standstill and vetting position with a school board, Project Live & Love was created. Piloted with experts in mental health, educators, parents and community protection services in circle, PLL today is a community based parent/family program developed for early intervention education. Facilitated entirely online between a professional facilitator and caregiver, each adult-participant is left with a new found experience of freedom from concern and stigma, embracing new and effective tools for empowering and enabling young people’s minds, voices and actions.

 Awarded 2018 “Excellence in Education” by Global Women of Essence, Charmaine Loverin, Founder of CFMHT and Creator of the EVA program now known as PLL, I CAN We CAN, is compassionately driven to end global child abuse and relentlessly stands for education as being our positive force leader for early intervention.

 PLL, I CAN We CAN has helped over 100’s of families and empowered over 100’s of young people around the world. Developed in partnership with child protection and education experts, PLL demonstrates appropriate-based context, captive story-telling images, and important community resources to help keep families healthy and communities safe.

 May 30th 2017 Loverin partnered with MPP Yvan Baker and together they successfully tabled a public petition inside the Legislative Assembly of Ontario that requests an Act be passed for all Ontario Schools to implement a respected and designated Annual Week for Abuse Prevention. Over 1000’s of people signed the petition. Currently Loverin is in correspondence with the Minister of Education and is intentional to meet one on one. October 15th, there will be a public rally at Queens Park supporting that petition, please join by finding the rally on **FB “Students Stand for Education on Child Abuse Prevention”



* EVA Program

WEBB Children Support International​ Uganda integrates CFMHT Project Live and Love I Can! We Can! and teaches children prevention awareness and skills to protect themselves and others from child abuse.