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Centre for Mental Health Transformation

Centre for Mental Health Transformation

Supporting child abuse recovery, prevention education and advocacy


Centre for Mental Health Transformation is a wellness organization providing affordable supportive solutions from child abuse trauma and suicide.



To on-goingly provide up to date, evidence based prevention, restorative, holistic and transformation solutions that permanently support, and alter how people view themselves and what’s possible.


End Global Child Abuse



Community Partnership ~ Inclusive Compassion ~ Care


The 13 factors of psychological health and safety (PH&S) in the workplace are:

1. Organizational Culture
2. Psychological and Social Support
3. Clear Leadership & Expectations
4. Civility & Respect
5. Psychological Demands
6. Growth & Development
7. Recognition & Reward
8. Involvement & Influence
9. Workload Management
10. Engagement
11. Balance
12. Psychological Protection
13. Protection of Physical Safety



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